A post to rule all posts

Or maybe not. Later I will have to find a good post to fit this title. I was going to write a post. Instead I am going to write fiction. Last I heard, no one is paying me for blog posts. Not that anyone is paying yet for the other writing, but that is more likely.

The Battle of Tragon Keep, Part 3

And now, the conclusion to The Battle of Tragon Keep. Here is Part 1 and Part 2. Hope you all have enjoyed the story.

The Battle of Tragon Keep, Part 3

John sat with his legs crossed, axe before him on the ground. He caught movement in the skies above him, a darker outline against the soot clouds.
“Coward,” John spat. “Their champion won’t even face me on even ground. Time to change that.”
John brought his shield to bear before him and counted the seconds while his enemy flew closer.
Shadowfluff moved faster than Wil thought possible. It snapped it’s wings outward to level off the dive and Wil caught site of his enemy for the first time. A hulking green brute stood upon the wall, a shield braced before it. Wil steadied his spear to strike at the center of his targets shield. Faster than Wil thought possible the orc spun at the last moment to deflect Wil’s spear. The orc leapt back to avoid Shadowfluff’s claws that raked the ground where the orc once stood.
“Back around Shadowfluff,” Wil called into the wind.
Three strong flaps took the pair back into the sky. Shadowfluff looped once back onto the path of the orc. The pair launched into a dive, Wil intent on finishing this and getting back to his family. The orc dived at he last second and threw himself under Shadowfluff. Wil grinned as the orc let out a pain laden cry as his mounts razor sharp claws raked across the creature. He had no time to enjoy the small victory. Shadowfluff veered toward the ground and Wil felt the saddle sliding from the fur covered back of his unicorn pegasus kitten. Shadowfluff’s momentum was halted by a tower that stood as sentinel on the wall. Wil tumbled from the kitten’s back in time to avoid be crushed by Shadowfluff’s weight. Momentum took him over the crenelations. Wil’s grip on the golden spear kept him from falling to his death. The haft of the spear was caught on two ancient stones.
“I hope dwarven stone work is as great here as it in is all the stories,” Wil gasped. He kicked his feet against the wall trying to gain purchase and climb back up. A shadow blocked out the hazy red of the sky above him.
“Now you die, coward,” Scalzorc spit. He raised his axe to strike a final blow to his trapped foe.
Wil closed his eyes.
“Just get this nightmare over with,” Wil shouted. His shoulders ached from holding his body against the wall.
“Wil?” the Orc said.
Instead of an axe as he expected, the orcs green hand reached down to grab his wrists. Wil was yanked effortlessly through the air.
Wil stood there on shaky legs and gawked at the spectacle before him. The orc was huge, blood coursed down muscles from the cuts Shadowfluff gave him. He recognized his friends features behind the green skin, pointed ears, and double headed axe.
“Scalzi?” Wil asked. “What is going on?”
“I was going to ask you the exact same question.” Scalzorc said. “Where did you get that hideous shirt?”
“Me? You’re the one with green skin and a loin cloth.”
Shadowfluff mewed pitifully behind the two friends. Scalzorc turned to see the kitten with a great gash across it’s belly where his axe cleaved it. John couldn’t believe he did that to the kitten.
“I’m sorry,” He began.
Shdadowfluff had some strength left. The unicorn Pegasus kitten lashed out with it’s paw and rended Scalzorc’s abdomen. John flailed away from the kitten, his axe cutting deep into Sir Wheaton’s shoulder. Both heroes tumbled from the wall into the blackness below.
John awoke with a start. He jerked back from the kitchen table and noticed a puddle of drool on his character sheet. Across from him, Wil Wheaton dozed with his head over the back of the chair. He sat up straight, his stomach muscles crying out in protest. He lifted his shirt to see four angry red lines across his stomach.
“What the he–“
John’s phone rang.
“Hello?” he said. He looked down at his watch and grimaced.
“Crap, sorry Athena, I’ll be right there to get you.”
John took one more look at Wil. He placed his face next to Wil’s mouth to make sure he was still breathing and then swiped his keys from the hook and headed out the door. There would be tine to try and figure out what happened later. Right now, he was late to pick up his daughter.

Ahhh… That’s more like it.

Wrote on my lunch today. It’s good to be the producer rather than the consumer. I like where the story is going, At an action part, which always seems to flow the best. More to come later.

Busy Busy

Busy weekend.

My son’s 4th birthday party was this weekend. He and his friends had a great time at E2 Toy to Try. And He got a ton of legos, so we had a good time building some of those when we got home. His grandmother got him Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter, which is really cool. Had fun putting that together for him.

Sunday we got a new dryer, so finally getting caught back up on some laundry.

Didn’t read anything or write this weekend. Played a little Warhammer Online and Left 4 Dead. Man that game was brtual. Anyone ahve suggesttions for a good co-op game for my wife and I to play? She’s not much into shooters, but any other suggestions would be welcome.

Need to rectify the lack of writing, but school has been keeping me so busy I haven’t been feeling it. Once the kids have gone up to bed, it’s been either homework or just chilling with a video game.

Musically, enjoying Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D. and Nirvana – Live at Reading. The Nirvana disk is pretty much every great song they have. I highly recommend it. The End is great too. Only song I can say I don’t like on that is Party All The Time (which gets a “well duh” from me). Also snagged the Halo 3 soundtrack, which I’m assuming will be great to write to once I get back to that.

Finally, a bracket I care about…

Yes, it’s getting close to that time again. I’m already hearing all the rampant chatter around the office. So I decided this year I’d have a bracket of my own, you know for stuff that actually matters. So, here it is:

Look at me, an abundance of time on my hands

Yeah, right. (haha, I originally used write instead.) Unfortunately, I’ve neglected this page for too long. I think that is because I’ve tried to keep it mostly focused on writing, and that’s not all I’ve been doing. (And yes, I should be doing more writing.)

So my plan is to open this up a bit, comment on movies, games and whatever else catches my interest. Have started getting into some podcasts lately, and I’d like to comment on that too. Perhaps not overly innovative for a blog, but stuff I enjoy, so that’s how it’s going to work.

I’ll see you when I come up for air…


testing this out from igoogle

I had tried igoogle before, but not really played with it. It is really slick. With one window I can check gmail, google reader, facebook, livejournal, and twitter. And update my blogspot blog. So far, I’m pretty happy with it.

First Post

Just getting this blog set up and seeing how things look.