No Longer Content

I was content for a while to use Google Docs. There’s nothing wrong with it. The app is really strong and does what you need it to do. That was until I found myself without an internet connection this week. Womp womp womp. (Incidentally, if you need a Chrome app that does still work for writing off line, WriteBox does the job. Get it here: ) This was a pleasant reminder of just how much I love Scrivener. All the tools it has available and just how useful it is for creating fiction. Yes, you can create fiction in Docs. Or Word.  Or Notepad. Scrivener just handles it so much better. So this was a pleasant reminder that I should use Scrivener more often. Don’t be content with adequate writing tools. Besides, not having the internet at your finger tips definitely does limit your distractions. I knocked out a short story in record time while I was offline.

-Keep Writing

yWriter vs Scrivener: The Followup

Haven’t posted much lately on account of being super busy. I’m still hitting the writing goals, just haven’t made much time for this.

I still get the occasional hit on my post where I asked for opinions on yWriter vs Scrivener. So presumably other people have that same question. I thought I would answer my own question here for future readers.

I decided to go with Scrivener. While I liked some of the other side features better on yWriter, I decided I liked using the actual writing tool with Scrivener a lot more. And that is the main purpose of either tool. The extra bells and whistles may be different, the text editor aspect remains king for me.

My advice would be to take each tool and write a few thousand word short story with it to get the feel for how they work.

yWriter Pros:

Price (Free!)

Scrivener Pros:

Text Editor
Export to EPub

Ultimately I decided $40 was a small price to pay for the tool I liked better. If the money is an issue for you, yWriter will serve you just as well. Either of the apps are great tools for writing. Take your pick, you won’t be disappointed.

-Keep Writing

yWriter vs Scrivener

Anyone here have thoughts on yWriter vs Scrivener?

I like the way yWriter functions. The UI seems a lot more intuitive. (this is after roughly an hour of playing with both tools.) I like the way characters and places are stored and how they are related to the sections.

Scrivener seems slightly less intuitive, but I really like that you can send a file right to epub or mobi format.

Any feedback you have about one or the other or both is greatly appreciated!

Edit: You can read my follow-up to this post here.