Story Complete

I finished the previously mentioned SF work this weekend. This is the one I wasn’t too excited about.

I’m not even sure how long story is. I’m guessing Novelette/Novella size. I’ll have to put it all together and find out.

Now on to other stories. I look forward to getting back into the Dragon Lords novels.

I did finish my edits on the mythology story. And… Looking at the calender. Oops. I need to start on edits for the first Dragon Lords novel.

Back on the wagon

Not that wagon. The writing wagon. Back at it again today. Was good to get back into the groove of things. Wrote today on my lunch. Thank you work. Not much, but on the plus side of things I picked up relatively where I left off without a hitch. Still want to see this story come to fruition. In spite of any flaws in the prose, I still feel it’s a story that needs to be told.

So, to recap, and re-affirm that I am indeed doing something:

  • Day Job
  • Wrote
  • Practiced Guitar (those callouses I  keep hearing about happen eventually, right?)

Now time for a little video game action.

1462 Words

Yesterday, 5/17, saw 1462 words. A pretty good day. It also saw the end of that particular story. When I started writing this series, each section was its own contained story with its own beginning middle and end. This most recent story is more of a chapter though, because it certainly isn’t the end of the characters story. Unfortunately, I hadn’t plotted anything past this point. I’m not sure how far the rabbit hole will go. So it is likely that I will spend today plotting either the end of that story or plotting a different story. I am really ready for a break from this story. I want to get back to writing about dragons. At the same time, I really should just finish that story. I can’t do anything with a story that is half finished. So that is where I’m at.

1056 + 106 Words

Friday, 5/14 saw 1056 words. Pretty good day. Sunday 5/16 saw only 106 words. Which was about it for the weekend. Could lay out some excuses here, but they would be just that, excuses. Excuses don’t change the situation at large.

130 Words

I wrote something yesterday. But as I left my ipod at home, I can’t check the count. It wasn’t much. Probably under 500. I just wasn’t feeling it yesterday. On the plus side of things, I did bring a notebook with me today, so some small part of my brain must have been working.

Edit 5/14: Worse than I thought. Blah.

848 words

848 words yesterday, 5/11/10. Will see if I can make up the difference today.

1092 Words

1092 words. Back at it today.

Story is nearly finished. Just have to wrap it up the right way. Though really, this should be a novel and not a series of short stories. Where I would be ending it now would be after the protag really finds out the truth of the situation, which really isn’t much of an “end” if you look at it that way.

Ghost hunt went well. As well as such things can be expected. Well, we didn’t see anything. There were a few areas that were a bit creepy. Mostly though, just some feelings and strange noises. The infirmary/pysch ward was probably the worst of it. Some cool photos though taken by a professional photographer, Jason Furda. If you’re on facebook, you can check them out here.

493+428 Words

Words have dipped the last few days. 5/5 was 493, today was 428. Finals week for my college classes. This must be what it feels like to go down the brain drain on BrainSurge. I’m going to do my last test tomorrow. Very glad for summer break.

This weekend will likely not have much word count either. My wife and I are heading for a haunted tour of West Virginia State Pen on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Talk about an awesome mother’s day gift, eh? I will uh… be counting it as experience for possible novel inclusion. Yeah. We’ll call it research! So who knows, may have some interesting stories out of that.

1020 words

1020 words. A good day today. That puts this particular story close to 10k, maybe 12k or so by the time I finish it. Later I’ll have to go back and get a count for the entire series.

3098 Words

3098 Words.

Well, as you can see, no posting happened over the weekend. That would be because there was no writing. I’ll admitting to slacking off Saturday evening, Sunday ended up being full.

So, on the bad side, no writing over the weekend.

On the plus side of things, cranked out 3k today. Not a bad little number. Good to know I’m capable of achieving that kind of output. I was considering upping my word goal once this semester of classes is over. But probably not 3k worth.

Also on the bad side of things, think my IEM is all tapped out. Around 2500 words, I was really dragging. Can’t say how good or bad the quality is around that point. But hey, made the goal.

Kind of wraps around to the reason I’m not a fan of NaNoWriMo. In order to crank out that number of words, I would just have to fill pages with utter crap. And that seems rather pointless to me. But that is just me. Glad it works for some people.

The story is nearing completion. Rather excited about that. Things are really getting tied together. Kind of like a rug that ties the room together. Yeah, I’m done.