Small Update

Another small update before we head to bed. Showing up at the hospital at 5:30 tomorrow.

Did some more outlining today on Dragon Lords. Reminded me why I loved this story so much. Five good interweaving plot lines looking at different aspects of the same problem. Also realized how little of it I had typed up in my files and how much was still in notebooks. So I will spend some time working out the rest of the outline and getting everything organized before pushing on into new territory. Looking forward to it.

1339 Words

1339 Words. If you count the paper I finished writing for school earlier, that puts me closer to 2300 words for the day.

Fiction was a little chunk of background thought process, but mostly the start of the next day in the series SF story I’m working on. Guess I’ll need to get some kind of title for it so I’m not so vague.
Day 1 of keeping track. Good start. Little accountability is a good thing. Feel free to post a WTF where’s the words post if you see me skip a day. The goal is 1k a day.
Been reading Chuck Wendig lately over at Terrible Minds. It’s a good blog, a lot of writing stuff there. A lot of butt kicking goes on there, which is what prompted me to start actually keeping track rather than just saying I’m going to write “lots”. If you’re into PnP gaming or writing, or like a little twisted humor, check him out.
Also signed up with Dropbox for all my backup online storage needs. You get 2 gig free. I’m happy with it so far, plenty to back up my writing. Check it out if you need something like that. I also have the ipod app so I can sync it there too.

Caught Up

Well, I’m caught up from the notebooks. Everything is digial now. What a relief. The process was good to get me refreshed on where I was at in the novel too. It’s not world class writing, but it’s there, and I can work with it.

I’m tired. Currently nursing a diet pepsi. Will be a coffee night tonight. Anyone have a time travel device so that I can do what I currently do and get eight hours of sleep?

So my to-do list is as it stands:

  • Novel – at least I know where I need to go with it for the immediate future.
  • Edit Bingo story – figured out what I need the end to be, for a more satisfying conclusion. Sub that.
  • edit pre-quel short stories or complete them. predates events that are happening in novel. Probably a total of three stories. Then sub them.
  • short story cycle – i still want to finish this. probably the longest of my short projects.

Kurt mentioned he was having problems commenting. So if you’re reading here, please try and comment. Or let me know if it doesn’t work. Thanks!

Wow, I did this?

Getting stuff typed up… looking back at this old writing, it’s from October 2007.

Part of me wonders if there is even a point to typing it up. It’s pretty old, I don’t even know if I’d use it anymore. But I feel the need to do so. Getting on my PC. The character I was writing about is near and dear to me. He’ll make it into a book at some point.

The other part of me is thinking wow, my writing has improved quite a bit since I put this down on paper. So that’s good at least. A little ego boost never hurt anyone. OK, back to typing.

Organized – Mostly

OK. My three notebooks are now an array of brightly colored coded post-it notes.

Orange for Novel related items.
Neon Green for not needed items.
Pink for short story items.

Kinda dissapointed I didn’t end up using the blue post-its too.

So, a bit of typing and I can be back on track. I found the missing novel parts that I was looking for the other day. I really thought I had already typed that stuff up, but apparently not. Fortunately, it is all in one notebook. That’s good because once I get it down to just this one notebook, that’s all I’m working on until I’m done. (well, except for the occasional short story that pops up here and there.)

If you’re interested, Flogging Molly makes for awesome organizational music. Or maybe it’s just awesome music.

Now to get some typing done before Alex gets up from his nap.

Too Much

I have too much.

I have several different versions of documents (draft 1, draft 2, draft 3 starts after the party that is in the blue notebook), text files, abiword documents. Somethings are saved privately on livejournal.

Some of is written out in a notebook. Some of that is even typed on pages that were printed out and stuck in the middle of my notebook at what is likely their corresponding spots.

Man what a mess. I have three novels in various states. One, some portion through it. A second, this conjumbled mess of things everywhere. A third that is mostly outline notes only in my notebook. Probably some printed pages to go with that.

That’s just novels. I’m not even sure I want to look into the short story folders. Though fortunately all short story stuff is typed up. None of that floating around notebooks. Can thank Liberty Hall for that, they’re responsible for the bulk of my short story work, and it’s all be done at a PC.

It’s driving me nuts. I need to organize this all, somehow.