Status Update – 2014-03-31

It’s April Fools Eve and there are no jokes in this post. Just remember, believe nothing on the internet tomorrow. More so than you already disbelieve it. Just assume every web page is the Onion tomorrow.

So, exciting times last week. I finished a short story AND a novel. Very exciting. The novel will need some work later. Details were omitted. But overall, I like the way it turned out. I’m excited to get back to doing some more fantasy based work now. I’m still editing Dwarf Lords, and I’ll also begin edits on the short story.

Other excitement? Nothing too crazy. Summer is drawing near, which we’re ready to enjoy. Winter has felt particularly long this year. My wife and I also started in playing the EverQuest Landmark beta. So far, it’s like MineCraft with updated graphics. It doesn’t really feel much like EverQuest, at least not yet. But the precision of the building tools is nice.

-Keep Writing.

Not Working (Tonight)

Maybe I’m just really tired. Not sure. Writing just isn’t coming tonight. I already met my goal for the day, but I thought I’d throw a few more words on the novel. Then I thought, ‘Hey, I haven’t updated my blog in a while’, and here we are.

Two weeks ago I finished editing the first draft of my novel. I have a few gaps I need to fill, some parts that need expanded on, but otherwise I feel like it’s pretty good work.

My wife and I just got back from Seattle where we celebrated our 10th anniversary. It was a fantastic time. We saw a lot of cool stuff and generally had a great time. I hope to go back soon.

Other than that, life is happening. All the time.

Progress, Goals, and Life

So here I am again. A monthly schedule now? I don’t know, it’s not much of a schedule at all. Though I don’t have a huge number of readers banging on my door, so it’s not an issue for me at the moment.

Progress: Sometime last week I passed over the 50k mark! I have official wrote the length of a short novel in the last 6 months. Good deal. Unfortunately, it was on a variety of writing projects, so I don’t have a complete novel to show for it.

Other Progress: I am nearing completion of the Dragon Lords novel. Another chapter or two left, probably another 20k words. I’ll have to total things up at the end and see how long it is. This is a very rough first draft though. Much editing will be needed.

Goals: I’m at 36% of my 140k goal for the year. A third of the way with half the year gone. I only have myself to blame for that. I set these wonderful goals at the beginning of the year and then took most of January off from writing. And part of February. That’s on me. I think the goal is still attainable. Just need to keep chipping away at it.

Life: Things are going well. Wife is awesome, kids are scarry smart. Wife is in the interview process for a pretty big employerer, so we’re hopefully that works out. In the meantime we’ll try and keep things afloat. We’ve started playing on the P99 server for EverQuest and are enjoying that little flashback to the year 2000.

And that is where things stand. Hopefully my next update will be sooner rather than later.


Life, as it has a habit of doing, keeps on going.

My goals have for the most part been met. Well, at least the writing part of it. Haven’t made much time for the guitar lately. On top of meeting my goals, I am about half way caught up on the month I missed. So overall, it is going well.

We’re still enjoy Rift. Of course, we aren’t those people that have rushed to level 50 in the first week. That’s your choice and all, but don’t wonder why there is nothing to do if you have finished the game that quickly. It’s not like EverQuest where it would take you years to reach the end game. Not that I want that either. I am happy with the pacing.

Dragon Age II came out of course, but it will be a while before I jump into that.

Currently reading Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. It is a great book. Just huge. Up next is Wise Man’s Fear. Then I think Brave New World or 1984.


Hey there blog. I remember you. Now where did we leave off?

Games: I love video games. It might be a result of the generation I grew up in. I love consol games with my kids. I love MMOs with my wife. Hell, if it weren’t for EverQuest, I may not even know my wife. Video games have been a part of my life for probably the last 20+ years.

To deny video games would be to deny some part of myself. My writing doesn’t exist in a world devoid of video games. It is hard to say how many characters I have created based off an initial image I had of them in an MMO.

Work has kept me pretty well slammed this last month or so. Lately my only desire after the kids head off to bed has been to just unplug from everything and jump into a game. And the writing word count has borne out that reality.

So please pardon me as I break from time to time to write about topics other than writing. I have always enjoyed the stories the games have told, even if that story is a bit weak at times (I’m looking at you, Halo).

Here is how gaming has looked in the last month:

Mass Effect 2 – Wow. This game is simply amazing. They took the things about ME1 that were incredibly tedious and changed them into an awesome game. I am really having a great time. Of course Bioware has always had top notch storylines. (See how that worked back into writing?)

Champions Online – They are F2P! Based on the Champions RPG (I never played it) but still a lot like City of Heroes. It’s a superhero MMO. And did I mention F2P? At the very least you can play dress up with your heroes without the pain of trying to hack the chinese COH character creator. It has been fun so far, and since it is F2P, I see no reason to remove it from my computer.

Rifts – Rifts has entered open beta. Basically a try before you buy kind of deal at this point. So far, I am really loving the number of options I have when choosing my class and skills. The game is beautiful and looks very polished. Hopefully we reach a spot in the game where we get to see the Rift mechanic in action soon. I’m unsure if we will keep playing once the game goes live, but we are enjoying it for the time being (More a cost hinderance than anything else, paying $100 for two copies of the game stings the wallet a bit).

So that is where I have been this last month or so. I wrote 300 or so words last week and can pretty safely say I will have 500+ today. So at least that is moving along. Now I just need to pick the guitar back up.