Back in the chair

So to speak anyway. We’re now residents of Seattle, WA and it’s fantastic so far. I mean it’s horrible, rains all the time, and you’d never want to move here.

Well, there was 2 months of no writing while I packed up our house and got it ready to be sold. All in all, it was a fairly painless process as far as such things go, but also exhausting.

It didn’t take me long to miss writing, but time wasn’t really on my side. Now that we’re here, it feels great to write once more.

My next goals:

#1: Finish edits for Vixle’s Journey to Galaxy’s Edge. While the KS didn’t end as we’d hoped, I’m still finishing the story with the plans that it will be released at some point in the future.

#2: Wrap up the edits for the first Dwarf Lords novel, beta read, proof read, cover, then get it out into the world. I think I may even have a title I like for it. Anyway, it’s time for this story to go forth and succeed, sell a million copies and live happily ever after. Or something along those lines. There will be more to come on this soon.

Until then,

Keep Writing.

Crunch Time

It’s crunch time lately in my neck of the woods. Not in the sense that I have a deadline I have to meet or the world will end, but rather the sense that I have a ton of stuff going on and writing time is getting a little crunched. Smooshed. Flattened. Pick your favorite. Not much else to add at the moment. I’m still scrawling words across the page here or there. I’ll have more news soon. As always…

-Keep Writing.

Status Update – 2014-06-12

So it’s been a little over a month since my last update. Life caught up to me for a while. Days slipped by with no writing. I think I needed to recharge the writing batteries a bit. I did pick up my reading for a bit, which was nice. And now I’m back on the writing full speed ahead. Fortunately, I was far enough ahead of my goals that I didn’t really fall too far behind. I just chipped away at the healthy lead I accumulated.

So I’m pleased things are moving back on track. The next few weeks/months may be a bit chaotic for me. I will have some exciting news for next week as well. In the meantime…

-Keep writing.

Status Update – 2014-03-31

It’s April Fools Eve and there are no jokes in this post. Just remember, believe nothing on the internet tomorrow. More so than you already disbelieve it. Just assume every web page is the Onion tomorrow.

So, exciting times last week. I finished a short story AND a novel. Very exciting. The novel will need some work later. Details were omitted. But overall, I like the way it turned out. I’m excited to get back to doing some more fantasy based work now. I’m still editing Dwarf Lords, and I’ll also begin edits on the short story.

Other excitement? Nothing too crazy. Summer is drawing near, which we’re ready to enjoy. Winter has felt particularly long this year. My wife and I also started in playing the EverQuest Landmark beta. So far, it’s like MineCraft with updated graphics. It doesn’t really feel much like EverQuest, at least not yet. But the precision of the building tools is nice.

-Keep Writing.

Status Update 2014-03-17

Woohoo! Happy St Patrick’s Day! Grab a Guinness and enjoy a drink with friends.

As for me? Last week was a “failed” week. I *gasp* didn’t meet all my goals. That’s just the way it works. Some weeks it works, out, some weeks it doesn’t.

I’m getting down to the end of this story, and I’m not surely how I want to end it. In the general sense, I know how it ends. I’m just not sure what words I want to use to get there. Hoping to finish it up this week. Take a week or so off to get some space from it, then I’ll start in on edits. Then I’ll finish up the current novel. Then I start the new novel.

So much to write and so little time. All I can do is…

-Keep Writing.

Status Update – 2014-03-10

Was a busy week last week. We were getting over sickness, and my wife had to go out of town for work. The kids and I had fun, didn’t totally trash the house, and I even managed to write a bit.

Status Update – 2014-03-03

Battling sickness and snow this past week has stretched all of us a bit thin around our household. I’m hoping the sickness clears up for us this coming week. So on that note, I did manage to add 3000 words to various projects, and edited for 36 days out of 61. 

Status 2014-01-27

Another busy week. Aren’t they all? (Which gives me a great idea for Thursday Trenches.) I edited 13 out of 24 days, so I’m keeping ahead of the pace, even if it’s just a little. I think I’m roughly 2/3 through the novel. I also wrote 9,919 words so far this year, which is 1500 words ahead of the pace. So far, the year is off to a good start.

Other than that, not too much going on. Like most everyone, we’re in the midst of the cold and snow, so we stayed inside and hung out with the kids all weekend. It was a lot of fun. I’m reading through Booklife and Crossing the Line, both of which I’m enjoying for different reasons. What kept you busy this last week?

-Keep Writing.

Thursday Trenches – Just Do It

Nike had it right. Just do it. There needs to be a little more to it as well.

I started to seriously write around 2006. I was going to follow the dream of becoming a writer! Unfortunately I also got caught up in “I write, therefore I am.” I was writing. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. But there was no real focus to it. I wrote mostly short stories at the time, and joined Liberty Hall Writers. (A new challenge every week, it’s a great way to get yourself started.) I was getting feedback on my work and really improved my writing during my time there.

I also came to realize that I wanted to focus more on longer fiction. Toward the end of my time there, I was rarely getting a story finished because it would develop into something much longer. I turned my focus toward novel length fiction which was truly my intent all along.

So Just Do It, but with a purpose. Set realistic goals, then do everything you can to reach them. Also when you’re setting short term (daily/weekly) goals, keep in mind how that will move you toward your long term goals. In 2011 I started to keep track of my daily goals and saw my production increase considerably. I was making a real discernible effort to meet my goals. Now I have five novels completed and I’m mid-way through the sixth.

I’ve said it before, and I will probably say it again. Daily goals can keep you moving. Just 100 words a day can see you with a novella in your hand by the end of the year. 300 words a day (roughly one page) can see you with a full blown novel in your hands. Grab one of the free tools (Google Drive, LibreOffice), create a spreadsheet, and keep track of your goals. You’ll see real progress by the end of the year.

-Keep Writing.


Status Update 2014-01-20

There is nothing super exciting over this last week to report. I’m a day ahead of schedule so far on the word count and I’ve edited 9 of 17 days. I’ll take that ratio. I’d be happy with editing 5 days out of the week, but that doesn’t always work out.

We had a pretty chill weekend this weekend. Well, after my daughters birthday party anyway. That was fun, but another milestone birthday, so to speak. It’s simultaneously exciting and scary. She’s growing up to be an amazing young woman. All the while, she’s still growing up!!!

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-Keep Writing.