Small Update

Just a small update here.
I haven’t in general made time for updating this lately. Time being finite and all. And wanting to have something worth saying, not just filler. Suppose though that this post counts as filler. I have some writing related posts I want to make, but as I am a relative nobody in the writing field at this point, I doubt that stuff would get read too much anyway.
I guess the bottom line is that the writing is important, all else is secondary. Until I’ve “Made It” (TM) all of this stuff is secondary.
I’ve been working on the midsommer madness over at liberty hall, but at my own pace. I don’t know what made me think I’d be able to keep up with their schedule, that lasted about a week. But the projects Mike created for it have been great. I’m just a bit farther behind than the rest. Still working on it Mike!
My wife got me an awesome hand crafted pen for father’s day. The middle of the pen is made of wood. It’s pictured above. It writes wonderfully. Of course, without me to use it, it serves little purpose. That leads to the obvious conclusion. I must write.
It’s funny, but something so little as writing down the date next to my current writing has prompted me to keep at it lately. Having the date there as made me 1) not want to miss a day and 2) want to write at least as much as I did the day previous.

Should mention that the current project is tentatively titled the Dragon Lords. Or it will have another title and be “A Dragon Lords Novel”. The bingo story wasn’t as done as I’d thought. But now it truly is done, conclusion and all. Need a final read through then I’m sending it out to the wider world.

Thanks to Joshua over at Blue Ink Alchemy for inadvertently prompting this post.

Too Much

I have too much.

I have several different versions of documents (draft 1, draft 2, draft 3 starts after the party that is in the blue notebook), text files, abiword documents. Somethings are saved privately on livejournal.

Some of is written out in a notebook. Some of that is even typed on pages that were printed out and stuck in the middle of my notebook at what is likely their corresponding spots.

Man what a mess. I have three novels in various states. One, some portion through it. A second, this conjumbled mess of things everywhere. A third that is mostly outline notes only in my notebook. Probably some printed pages to go with that.

That’s just novels. I’m not even sure I want to look into the short story folders. Though fortunately all short story stuff is typed up. None of that floating around notebooks. Can thank Liberty Hall for that, they’re responsible for the bulk of my short story work, and it’s all be done at a PC.

It’s driving me nuts. I need to organize this all, somehow.


I did a flash over at Liberty Hall last Friday. Response was descent, considering I didn’t have time to finish the story and just kind of dropped it off in front of the door. Literally and figuratively. Oddly, having a dog in the story has gotten a good response. So I was working on that, but now it’s time to watch Castle, one of the few shows I make it a point to watch. (The other being Dollhouse, and now maybe The Mentalist.)

But until this post had been working on some more of that story, and listening to Floyd. By and far my favorite writing music. Anyway. the story is a Pittsburgh where a virus has broken out and the people left there are trapped within the city. So that’s you know, coming along.

This is very random… kind of all over. Lot going on right now. Too much cleaning to be done around here. Never done.

Flash of Insight

Ahhh… Always at the strangest of times. I’ve figured out why my antagonists hate the humans, and probably turned my humans into the villians. At least as a race. Now to just get the story written.

New Challenge

Mike Munsil, creator of Liberty Hall Writers, has posted a challenge in the interim while they get the system working. It’s a Short Story Cycle, based on a trigger he has provided. So if you haven’t stopped by in a while, check it out. If you’re not a member of the Hall, look into signing up. It’s a great place to write and get feedback.

Using the trigger, I have a loose plot for the first 6 stories. Just need to figure out the 7th. May have to write a bit and figure the rest of it out before the last one comes around. I’m excited for this challenge. It ties in some settings/themes I had already wanted to use. Needs to be done by Feb 15th though, so I’m not sure how well I’ll do in the time frame. All I can do is start writing and don’t look up until all the stories are done.