Draft 1, completed

Well, after my proclamation last week that I would have the novel done before GenCon, I am happy to say I met that goal. The first draft of Mordraeth’s Rise and Fall (tentative title. I like it, doesn’t really go with the titles for the other books in the same world.) is completed.

So what’s next? I’ve been chomping at the bit to start on a SciFi novel. So I have started outlining that, setting up the galaxy etc. It’s a continuation of the earlier SF novel I wrote, set some 20-30 years ahead. I’m enjoying the world building and knocking out a very rough outline. I’m sure I will work on that when I’m not gaming at GenCon next week.

-Keep Writing.

GenCon 2012

This past weekend saw us visiting the city of Indianapolis for the 45th GenCon! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we had a blast. I picked up the up the last two sets we needed for Ascension plus a slew of other games that I’m looking forward to playing. (Descent, Small World, and Four Taverns to name a few.)

I also made sure to hit several of the Writer Symposium classes. These were very cool. Well, the Saturday 8AM class was a bit tough, but still enjoyable. Also attended Brandon Sanderon / James Sutter’s Worldbuilding class. This was a great discussion. I’ll definitely hit a few of these discussions again next year.

We also met Patrick Rothfuss! He was a really cool guy. We talked a bit about writing (thanks largely to my awesome wife because I was standing there awed) and he signed my kindle. Here is that picture:Patrick Rothfuss signed my kindle!We had a great time and I can’t wait to return next year!

Gaming News

Last weekend, I sank into the dark abyss of gaming. No, not WoW (though we’re currently playing that too). My wife got me into playing Magic: The Gathering.

I never really “played” M:TG. Sure, I had the cards. It was more of a collection though. My friends and I just built decks and then arrayed them across the floor or table.

My wife is currently playing at her work which re-sparked her interest. We headed over to our local store and decided to pick up two starter sets and some booster packs. I chose the “Grab for Power” set (Black/Blue) and she chose Entangling Webs (Green/Red).

It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the strategy of the game. Of course, I made quite a few mistakes. It was a lot more fun than I was expecting. I’m looking forward to future games. I’ll start adding in those boosters and see how much I can mess up the deck.

On the video game front: As I mentioned, we are currently playing World of Warcraft. It’s fun. We started on a new server with one of our friends. (Seems like all our friends are spread across 20 different servers.) Just keeping it low key with our goblins.

Still playing Halo: Reach. The story may be a bit “light” but I still enjoy it. Also planning on making a few purchases in the near future on XBL. Want to pick up Castle Crashers, Mr. Fancy Pants (the kids love this game), and Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale. I think the kids will enjoy playing all three of those. (Okay, the last one may be a bit more for me.)


Life, as it has a habit of doing, keeps on going.

My goals have for the most part been met. Well, at least the writing part of it. Haven’t made much time for the guitar lately. On top of meeting my goals, I am about half way caught up on the month I missed. So overall, it is going well.

We’re still enjoy Rift. Of course, we aren’t those people that have rushed to level 50 in the first week. That’s your choice and all, but don’t wonder why there is nothing to do if you have finished the game that quickly. It’s not like EverQuest where it would take you years to reach the end game. Not that I want that either. I am happy with the pacing.

Dragon Age II came out of course, but it will be a while before I jump into that.

Currently reading Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. It is a great book. Just huge. Up next is Wise Man’s Fear. Then I think Brave New World or 1984.


Hey there blog. I remember you. Now where did we leave off?

Games: I love video games. It might be a result of the generation I grew up in. I love consol games with my kids. I love MMOs with my wife. Hell, if it weren’t for EverQuest, I may not even know my wife. Video games have been a part of my life for probably the last 20+ years.

To deny video games would be to deny some part of myself. My writing doesn’t exist in a world devoid of video games. It is hard to say how many characters I have created based off an initial image I had of them in an MMO.

Work has kept me pretty well slammed this last month or so. Lately my only desire after the kids head off to bed has been to just unplug from everything and jump into a game. And the writing word count has borne out that reality.

So please pardon me as I break from time to time to write about topics other than writing. I have always enjoyed the stories the games have told, even if that story is a bit weak at times (I’m looking at you, Halo).

Here is how gaming has looked in the last month:

Mass Effect 2 – Wow. This game is simply amazing. They took the things about ME1 that were incredibly tedious and changed them into an awesome game. I am really having a great time. Of course Bioware has always had top notch storylines. (See how that worked back into writing?)

Champions Online – They are F2P! Based on the Champions RPG (I never played it) but still a lot like City of Heroes. It’s a superhero MMO. And did I mention F2P? At the very least you can play dress up with your heroes without the pain of trying to hack the chinese COH character creator. It has been fun so far, and since it is F2P, I see no reason to remove it from my computer.

Rifts – Rifts has entered open beta. Basically a try before you buy kind of deal at this point. So far, I am really loving the number of options I have when choosing my class and skills. The game is beautiful and looks very polished. Hopefully we reach a spot in the game where we get to see the Rift mechanic in action soon. I’m unsure if we will keep playing once the game goes live, but we are enjoying it for the time being (More a cost hinderance than anything else, paying $100 for two copies of the game stings the wallet a bit).

So that is where I have been this last month or so. I wrote 300 or so words last week and can pretty safely say I will have 500+ today. So at least that is moving along. Now I just need to pick the guitar back up.