Status Update – 2014-02-24

Nothing monumental for this week. Things are moving along as intended. I edited 31 of 54 days this year and I’m  ~2000 words over my goal. More importantly, I feel like I’m coming into the final run on Dwarf Lords. Then it will be time to take a crack at editing the first of the Dragon Lords.


Small Update

Just a quick status update. Writing is flowing onto the page lately. I’m ~12K words over my current goal for the year. I’m roughly a chapter or two from the end of the current novel. I’m planning the next novel. It will be a change of gears to a science fiction (space opera) story. I’m ready for a little break from fantasy. Yeah, it’s going well. I love doing this.

-Keep Writing.

Lo there do I see a novel

It was rather unexpected, but I started a novel last week. I really intended to finish off the year working on short stories. Though all the previous novels have led up to this one, so I guess it kind of makes sense. Obviously I haven’t outlined much, and that may end up causing some problems later, but for now I’m pressing on. So begins the descent into darkness.

Write-A-Thon: Week 1, Epic Fail

I signed up the Clarion West Write-A-Thon probably a month ago. See the handy link at the side? Yep, you can click that to donate if you like.

My goals are to edit one chapter a week.

Little did I realize, the write-a-thon started the week of June 24th. Oooooops.

So this week, edit two chapters if I can. Also need to edit my mythical story with some feedback I received from other writers at eFiction. It was a good reminder of how critical it is to get that outside look at a story you’ve been so intimately involved with. I knew the story too well to see some of those problems with it.

Other than that, still progressing well on the novel work. I should finish it this week. Still ahead of my goal overall. I think I’m going to work on some shorter fiction in the meantime while I work on the novel edits. I’ll post regular updates each week to keep you aware of the Write-A-Thon progress.

-Keep Writing

Where’s my gum?

Time for some numbers.

Yesterday was my highest word count for a single day at 1,635 words.

As of yesterday, I was at 94,079 words. Two short novels if you prefer to look at it that way.

That number is significant (90,050) because it is half way to my goal for the year. That’s 40 days ahead of my target.  So needless to say, I’m pleased with my progress so far.

I hope to have some news soon about a short story I submitted. Overall, I feel like progress is good.

-Keep Writing

February 2012 Total

Another leap February has come and gone. Here’s a look at how I did for February.

Final word count for February 2012: 20,939 words

I am currently 33.5% above my word count goal. That means I can take a break! Unless I want to actually make something of this.

Goals Status for February:

  • Keep hitting the daily word count goals – Done
  • Final round of edits on my mythology based story (post ebook version for free or try to sell to magazine?) – Done
  • Start edits on Dragon Lords novel. – In Progress

Goals for March 2012:

  • Keep hitting the daily word count goals
  • Continue with Edits on first Dragon Lords Novel

Other things of note:

So I completed the SF story I was working on. This was also another story that I started in 2010 and never finished. So I’m happy to see it completed. My main point of contention with the story is that the science was all over the place. If I go back to edit this at a later point, those issues will need to be hammered out.

I started using Scrivener. At first I thought it was a little bit much, but now that I’ve really started to use it, I’m finding it to be incredible useful. Especially in the area of edits. When I opened the first Dragon Lords novel and started to read through it, the thought of doing this for 300+ page word document was pretty daunting. Using Scrivener to break this out into more manageable pieces makes this process a lot less intimidating. I’m also using the app to write the second Dragon Lords novel.

I also wrapped up edits on my mythology story. I’m pretty happy with it. Now I just need to figure out if I want to submit it to a magazine or create an epub and distribute it myself.

Story Complete

I finished the previously mentioned SF work this weekend. This is the one I wasn’t too excited about.

I’m not even sure how long story is. I’m guessing Novelette/Novella size. I’ll have to put it all together and find out.

Now on to other stories. I look forward to getting back into the Dragon Lords novels.

I did finish my edits on the mythology story. And… Looking at the calender. Oops. I need to start on edits for the first Dragon Lords novel.

Final Word Count

Earlier this month, I wrapped up the last chapter of my Dragon Lords novel. Today I combined those files into one massive file. (It is much easier to manage one file per chapter when I have to download/scroll through the file on my phone.)

So, the final word count is: 67,838.

My brief glimpse at the story told me there is still a lot of work to do. One “chapter” was two pages. Some of the chapters appear to just end without much flow into the next chapter. In short, it needs work.

I’m looking forward to edits.

-Keep writing.

The End

I wrapped up the first Dragon Lords novel tonight. It was interesting typing those words in the document today. The End. Those words sound so final. Truly, it is just the beginning.

The story has merit, but I have no doubt it could use a round or two (or four) of edits. I need some distance first. Everything is fresh and great and awesome right now. Later I will take a sledgehammer to the story.

What’s next you ask?

Working on two fronts:

1) Word count goals are going into my dwarven epic. I don’t even know what I will write yet, I just know I want to write some kind of epic dwarven story. We’ll see how it works out.

2) Edits on my story I want to submit to On the Premises for their Myth and Legend contest. I need to cut that story in half. Submission is due Sept 30th, so I have plenty of time to work that one out.

Keep writing.

Progress Report

Still chugging away at that ending. Taking me longer than expected, though not for lack of effort. So close.

For the next project, I am leaning toward a dwarven epic. Because dwarves are awesome. And there aren’t nearly enough stories about them.

Tomorrow I will pass up the 75k mark on the word count-o-meter.

Keep writing.