Gaming News

Last weekend, I sank into the dark abyss of gaming. No, not WoW (though we’re currently playing that too). My wife got me into playing Magic: The Gathering.

I never really “played” M:TG. Sure, I had the cards. It was more of a collection though. My friends and I just built decks and then arrayed them across the floor or table.

My wife is currently playing at her work which re-sparked her interest. We headed over to our local store and decided to pick up two starter sets and some booster packs. I chose the “Grab for Power” set (Black/Blue) and she chose Entangling Webs (Green/Red).

It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the strategy of the game. Of course, I made quite a few mistakes. It was a lot more fun than I was expecting. I’m looking forward to future games. I’ll start adding in those boosters and see how much I can mess up the deck.

On the video game front: As I mentioned, we are currently playing World of Warcraft. It’s fun. We started on a new server with one of our friends. (Seems like all our friends are spread across 20 different servers.) Just keeping it low key with our goblins.

Still playing Halo: Reach. The story may be a bit “light” but I still enjoy it. Also planning on making a few purchases in the near future on XBL. Want to pick up Castle Crashers, Mr. Fancy Pants (the kids love this game), and Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale. I think the kids will enjoy playing all three of those. (Okay, the last one may be a bit more for me.)