Connect Plot Point A to Plot Point B

Insert Tab C into Slot D. Turn 180 degrees, and done. It all sounds so simple.

I used to think that for writing as well. Just sit down and write. It will all work itself out. A lot of my early work was like that. I’d just sit down and write, throw in cool ideas when I came across them and like magic, it’s done.

The reality of it is that the stories have grown too far in scope to simply just sit down and write. I’m handling multiple points in a timeline and I want them all connected in more than just a bunch of people living on the same ball of dirt. I want the readers to be rewarded when characters or descendants show up further along in other books. Relics will make appearances. There is more at stake than it would seem at that exact moment.

So I’m plotting way more than I ever did before. I now have the second and third Dwarf Lords book plotted out. I have another plot in progress for Listan’s story. Now I just make time to write it all.


What a whirlwind summer. We moved across country. We got the kids settled into a new school. I found a new job. In short, it’s been crazy. We’re loving Seattle and overall, the move went great.

I’ve started work at the University of Washington as an Analyst. I’ll analyze all the data points. It sounds like it will be a pretty interesting job and I’ll expand my knowledge and tool sets in the data analyst realm.

I got sucked into Destiny for a time and that took up a good portion of my time between when I was offered the job and when I started the job. It’s a fun game, and I can see the potential for more. It’s kind of MMO lite which caught my interest. I hope they really utilize the groundwork they set for the game.

All that means that I didn’t write much in August or September either. Aside from cutting back on the Destiny, not much else could be done. Now that things are stabilizing, I’m turning my attention back to my sorely missed writing. I did manage to get Dwarf Lords in the hands of one beta reader. I’ve hashed out plots for a super hero story, the second Dwarf Lords story, bits and pieces of the third Dwarf Lords story and solidified how all the stories connect together. So I’m making progress. I’m going to work on getting back to regular updates here as well. Hopefully with more interesting news regarding the first Dwarf Lords book. I’ll keep you posted.

-Keep Writing

Back in the chair

So to speak anyway. We’re now residents of Seattle, WA and it’s fantastic so far. I mean it’s horrible, rains all the time, and you’d never want to move here.

Well, there was 2 months of no writing while I packed up our house and got it ready to be sold. All in all, it was a fairly painless process as far as such things go, but also exhausting.

It didn’t take me long to miss writing, but time wasn’t really on my side. Now that we’re here, it feels great to write once more.

My next goals:

#1: Finish edits for Vixle’s Journey to Galaxy’s Edge. While the KS didn’t end as we’d hoped, I’m still finishing the story with the plans that it will be released at some point in the future.

#2: Wrap up the edits for the first Dwarf Lords novel, beta read, proof read, cover, then get it out into the world. I think I may even have a title I like for it. Anyway, it’s time for this story to go forth and succeed, sell a million copies and live happily ever after. Or something along those lines. There will be more to come on this soon.

Until then,

Keep Writing.

No Longer Content

I was content for a while to use Google Docs. There’s nothing wrong with it. The app is really strong and does what you need it to do. That was until I found myself without an internet connection this week. Womp womp womp. (Incidentally, if you need a Chrome app that does still work for writing off line, WriteBox does the job. Get it here: ) This was a pleasant reminder of just how much I love Scrivener. All the tools it has available and just how useful it is for creating fiction. Yes, you can create fiction in Docs. Or Word.  Or Notepad. Scrivener just handles it so much better. So this was a pleasant reminder that I should use Scrivener more often. Don’t be content with adequate writing tools. Besides, not having the internet at your finger tips definitely does limit your distractions. I knocked out a short story in record time while I was offline.

-Keep Writing

Crunch Time

It’s crunch time lately in my neck of the woods. Not in the sense that I have a deadline I have to meet or the world will end, but rather the sense that I have a ton of stuff going on and writing time is getting a little crunched. Smooshed. Flattened. Pick your favorite. Not much else to add at the moment. I’m still scrawling words across the page here or there. I’ll have more news soon. As always…

-Keep Writing.

Thursday Trenches – Coming up – Vixle

So, you may have heard that on Tuesday, the Kickstarter for Vixle launched. I thought I’d come up from the trenches and talk about it a bit.

To start with, Vixle is similar to Minecraft. Things are built with blocks. You can create whatever you can imagine. If you’re already a fan of Minecraft, you should definitely check it out. What makes Vixle really cool, is the coding aspect that Brian McBarron added to it. Imagine building something in Minecraft, and then actually having it do that thing that you wanted. But redstone you say? That’s child’s play compared to this.

This is where I came in. Brian was inspired to learn to code by the Micro Adventure Books. Brian approached me to see if I would be interested in doing something similar for Vixle. Of course I loved the idea. And a short time later, Journey to Galaxy’s Edge was born.

So you are the character in the story and once you reach certain points throughout the story, you will switch over to Vixle and code your way through the adventure. Your ship was under attack and damaged. You must go into the computer systems and re-route power from non-essential functions in order to get the ship moving once more. What’s really cool about this is once you’ve fixed the code to make it all work, you can see the changes come to life in the game. So the engines will power up and other systems will go dark.

The thought that my stories might encourage kids to learn coding is very exciting! If this sounds like it might be your thing, I encourage you to swing by the Kickstarter.

-Keep Writing


Fellow writer and friend Dyane Forde posted an interview we did today on her blog. So if you’d like to see a bit more about what I’ve been up to lately, check out.

I also talk about the Kickstarter that is launching tomorrow at More to come tomorrow!

Status Update – 2014-06-12

So it’s been a little over a month since my last update. Life caught up to me for a while. Days slipped by with no writing. I think I needed to recharge the writing batteries a bit. I did pick up my reading for a bit, which was nice. And now I’m back on the writing full speed ahead. Fortunately, I was far enough ahead of my goals that I didn’t really fall too far behind. I just chipped away at the healthy lead I accumulated.

So I’m pleased things are moving back on track. The next few weeks/months may be a bit chaotic for me. I will have some exciting news for next week as well. In the meantime…

-Keep writing.

Thursday Trenches – Make it Happen

You read Chuck Wendig’s blog, right? More importantly, you read his books? Tight, gritty fiction. Check him out.

So Chuck posted this info-graphic:


And it’s the same thing I’ve been saying for a while. Just in nice info-graphic form. Everyone loves an info-graphic. I love Chuck’s no BS attitude on writing advice. If you’re just starting, spend some time reading through Chuck’s writing advice. Or grab one of his writing books from amazon.

Status Update 2014-04-07

Well, after the high of the week prior, this most recent week was somewhere in the dark valley. Okay, maybe it isn’t quite as grim as all that.

I started plotting the next novel. I only have a general idea of how I want it to go… So just throwing ideas out there to see what I like. I think I’ve narrowed down the point in time when it will take place, and I’m pounding out the details some of the main characters. It still doesn’t sound much like a story yet. It’s missing *something*.

So yeah, there’s that. I’m working, it’s just a bit of a sludge right now.

-Keep Writing.