Connect Plot Point A to Plot Point B

Insert Tab C into Slot D. Turn 180 degrees, and done. It all sounds so simple.

I used to think that for writing as well. Just sit down and write. It will all work itself out. A lot of my early work was like that. I’d just sit down and write, throw in cool ideas when I came across them and like magic, it’s done.

The reality of it is that the stories have grown too far in scope to simply just sit down and write. I’m handling multiple points in a timeline and I want them all connected in more than just a bunch of people living on the same ball of dirt. I want the readers to be rewarded when characters or descendants show up further along in other books. Relics will make appearances. There is more at stake than it would seem at that exact moment.

So I’m plotting way more than I ever did before. I now have the second and third Dwarf Lords book plotted out. I have another plot in progress for Listan’s story. Now I just make time to write it all.