What a whirlwind summer. We moved across country. We got the kids settled into a new school. I found a new job. In short, it’s been crazy. We’re loving Seattle and overall, the move went great.

I’ve started work at the University of Washington as an Analyst. I’ll analyze all the data points. It sounds like it will be a pretty interesting job and I’ll expand my knowledge and tool sets in the data analyst realm.

I got sucked into Destiny for a time and that took up a good portion of my time between when I was offered the job and when I started the job. It’s a fun game, and I can see the potential for more. It’s kind of MMO lite which caught my interest. I hope they really utilize the groundwork they set for the game.

All that means that I didn’t write much in August or September either. Aside from cutting back on the Destiny, not much else could be done. Now that things are stabilizing, I’m turning my attention back to my sorely missed writing. I did manage to get Dwarf Lords in the hands of one beta reader. I’ve hashed out plots for a super hero story, the second Dwarf Lords story, bits and pieces of the third Dwarf Lords story and solidified how all the stories connect together. So I’m making progress. I’m going to work on getting back to regular updates here as well. Hopefully with more interesting news regarding the first Dwarf Lords book. I’ll keep you posted.

-Keep Writing