Status Update – 12-17-2013

I meant to write this post yesterday. Really, I did. Pretty sure we all know what ‘they’ say about good intentions. If not, feel free to make up your own saying about good intentions.

Anyway, the year is drawing to a close here. 2 weeks left. As usual, this is a time for retrospection of the previous year, and plans for the new year.

I met my writing goals for the year. I finished one novel and started another. And really, the novel that I did finish is the culmination of all the writing I’ve done over the last ~6 years. I set out to tell that character’s story. I just had a little build up to get to that point. I created a world, built empires, turned others to dust. It’s not even close to the last story I want to tell in that world. So I keep writing.

The editing didn’t move along quite as well as I would have liked. I need to make that a higher priority in the coming year. Writing is easier for me to set goals for the coming year. While editing has more of an amorphous feel to it. I need to make this book “better”. What does that mean? Am I even capable of making it better? Still there is that uncertainty.

That’s what this is all about; telling a story. Or many stories. Breathing life into a world.

-Keep writing.