“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Gandalf offers Frodo this advice when Frodo wonders why he must hear the burden of the Ring.


Gandalf’s advice is aimed at keeping Frodo on his path to deliver the ring.

For me, the advice has a more practical application. As you may have guessed given the content of this blog, I’m referring to writing. Everyone one of us has the same 24 hours available. Our responsibilities may differ but it still must be crammed into that time. I have a family (two children) and a full time job. There are most definitely days where I want nothing more than to just chill and do nothing. Some days all I want to do is play a video game.

(Some times I DO play video games. That’s okay too.)

I just keep reminding myself, if I want to reach my goals, it’s something I have to put the time into.

I have decided what to do with the time given me.

-Keep writing.