Write or Die

Last night I met with a local writer’s group that is restarting here in Pittsburgh, Write or Die. Critiques are done clarion style. I’m looking forward to the next meeting. I have a couple of short stories that I’m interested in getting a new perspective on, so this will be good. Hopefully I pick up some good tips.

We also did a little writing exercise. The idea was to take a character from a current WIP, change that character to a robot and write a short paragraph from their perspective. Then pull lines out of that to produce a poem. Mine went like this:

Rest Period

Sub-optimal idle time
Minimal power to systems
Laying in his mother’s arms
Analyzing her organic nature

I don’t usually write poetry, but this amuses me.

-Keep writing


I finished editing Chapter 5 today. This was after going through and breaking the huge chapters into more manageable parts. I was as thinking “hey, I’ve edited half these chapters! But… this seems really short.”

So I look to the “last” chapter and realize, oh yeah, I wrote the rest of this down in my notebook.

I have some typing ahead of me. Hopefully I can still read my scribbles.

Other than that, I feel like editing is going pretty good. This round of edits is mostly low level stuff, punctuation, wrong words. I think two more passes at the story, at the very least. I’m also maintaining my daily word goals for the new work.

New Year, New Goals

We’ve entered the new year with the usual fanfare. I had a fantastic time with my family. My kids had a blast staying up late, banging pots and pans, noisemakers, the works. It was fun!

November and December were pretty erratic for writing. It usually ended up as large chunks of writing or no writing. I topped out at 205,801 words. That’s 17,701 words over the goal and 9.41% increase. I’ll count that in the win category as far as pure output goes.

I’m not one for setting resolutions. Goals on the other hand work pretty well for me. Unfortunately, my next goal is much harder to quantify than mere word count.

I need to edit! Producing all those words is fantastic, but if I’m going to make a career of this, there needs to be the other half of the process. So I’m not sure how exactly I will quantify this goal. Just need to dig in and get to work. I’m also going to set a goal of one page of new fiction per day.

So that’s that. If all goes as planned, I’ll have at least one novel published through Amazon at the end of the year.