Goals Met for 2012

As predicted, I surpassed my goal last week. The day after I made the other post. (The title amused me too much to wait until the goal was cleared.)

I met the goal of 188,100 words in 290 days (technically 280 days because I had 10 days with 0 words) on October 16th.

I’m still writing of course, just not at quite the break neck speed I pursued previously.  I’m only on chapter 3 of the novel I started, and I have big plans there.

There is still the editing I mentioned in the last post. So, I am far from done.

As always,

-Keep Writing.

The 0.91%

I’m in the final stretch of my writing goal for the year. Two and a half months ahead of schedule is pretty good. Of course, the reality is that it’s only just the beginning. Editing needs to happen, big time. It’s been a march to get to this point, and I’m looking forward to changing gears after this.

So I completed one novel I carried over from last year, wrote another completely, and started on a third. Not to mention 10 or so short stories. I’m going to call that a win. Now to get something published.

-Keep Writing.