Lo there do I see a novel

It was rather unexpected, but I started a novel last week. I really intended to finish off the year working on short stories. Though all the previous novels have led up to this one, so I guess it kind of makes sense. Obviously I haven’t outlined much, and that may end up causing some problems later, but for now I’m pressing on. So begins the descent into darkness.


Today I was surprised to look up and realize that I’m at 90% of my goal for the year. Not bad, half way through September. Not much else to add here. I’ve mostly worked on short stories lately, wrote several new ones, editing some old ones.

I also started a small writing group (can you call it a group if it’s just two people?) with a local friend. It will be good to get some outside feedback on my writing from someone I can connect with locally. We meet at the coffee shop and talk about what we’re working on, go over stuff that could use improvement etc. I like it, and I think it will be the spur I need to really give things that hard look while I’m editing. He has already made some excellent points about a story I showed him.

All in all, making progress.

-Keep Writing.