February 2012 Total

Another leap February has come and gone. Here’s a look at how I did for February.

Final word count for February 2012: 20,939 words

I am currently 33.5% above my word count goal. That means I can take a break! Unless I want to actually make something of this.

Goals Status for February:

  • Keep hitting the daily word count goals – Done
  • Final round of edits on my mythology based story (post ebook version for free or try to sell to magazine?) – Done
  • Start edits on Dragon Lords novel. – In Progress

Goals for March 2012:

  • Keep hitting the daily word count goals
  • Continue with Edits on first Dragon Lords Novel

Other things of note:

So I completed the SF story I was working on. This was also another story that I started in 2010 and never finished. So I’m happy to see it completed. My main point of contention with the story is that the science was all over the place. If I go back to edit this at a later point, those issues will need to be hammered out.

I started using Scrivener. At first I thought it was a little bit much, but now that I’ve really started to use it, I’m finding it to be incredible useful. Especially in the area of edits. When I opened the first Dragon Lords novel and started to read through it, the thought of doing this for 300+ page word document was pretty daunting. Using Scrivener to break this out into more┬ámanageable┬ápieces makes this process a lot less intimidating. I’m also using the app to write the second Dragon Lords novel.

I also wrapped up edits on my mythology story. I’m pretty happy with it. Now I just need to figure out if I want to submit it to a magazine or create an epub and distribute it myself.