yWriter vs Scrivener

Anyone here have thoughts on yWriter vs Scrivener?

I like the way yWriter functions. The UI seems a lot more intuitive. (this is after roughly an hour of playing with both tools.) I like the way characters and places are stored and how they are related to the sections.

Scrivener seems slightly less intuitive, but I really like that you can send a file right to epub or mobi format.

Any feedback you have about one or the other or both is greatly appreciated!

Edit: You can read my follow-up to this post here.

Story Complete

I finished the previously mentioned SF work this weekend. This is the one I wasn’t too excited about.

I’m not even sure how long story is. I’m guessing¬†Novelette/Novella size. I’ll have to put it all together and find out.

Now on to other stories. I look forward to getting back into the Dragon Lords novels.

I did finish my edits on the mythology story. And… Looking at the calender. Oops. I need to start on edits for the first Dragon Lords novel.

What to do?

I dove back into my current work for two reasons:

  1. I wanted tell the story
  2. I wanted to finish the work I started

I am now struggling to finish the story. I am close to the end so I still want to see it done. I’m just not in love with it like I once was.

How do you push yourself to finish the story? Or do you just move on to bigger and better things?


So I stepped off the ledge this last week into the world of Freelancing. I stopped by freelancer.com and started browsing their sections. I found a post that intrigued me in the writing section and submitted my bid. Much to my surprise, I was selected.

And the project went really well. I delivered the work and received payment over the course of 3 days.

It was a pleasant change to get paid to do something I really love. So I’ll keep my eyes open for similar work. Maybe I really can make this all a reality and look forward to going to work when I get up in the morning.

-Keep writing.

Draft Saved

Late night coffee goes great with late night writing. Who has time for sleep? I saw this on the internet somewhere in the last week and damn is it appropriate. Can someone mash this up with some zombie footage?

Working on finishing off my goals for today and post something semi-coherent here. Seems like there are a ton of tangents here. Maybe I can start one thread and then wrap it up another time? We’ll see.

Ok… that will have to come later. Working on a post about Science Fiction vs Science Fantasy. Except I don’t want to throw some half-cocked post out here. So I’ll save that draft and wrap it up later. Right now, I have a goal to hit.


January Total

So, posting a daily word count was would be a little excessive. But I think giving a total for the month is a good way to go.

Final word count for January 2012: 20,336

I’ll mark that in the win category. I’m ~28% over my goal for the year. That’s off to a good start.

Goals for February:

  • Keep hitting the daily word count goals
  • Final round of edits on my mythology based story (post ebook version for free or try to sell to magazine?)
  • Start edits on Dragon Lords novel.

While maintaining a word count is all well and good, I also need to work toward the publishing side of this business otherwise I’m just writing for myself. (Not a bad thing mind you, but writing just for myself isn’t in line with my goals.)

In case you missed it last week, I posted a final version of The Battle for Targon Keep in the Free Fiction section.

-Keep Writing