Final Word Count

Earlier this month, I wrapped up the last chapter of my Dragon Lords novel. Today I combined those files into one massive file. (It is much easier to manage one file per chapter when I have to download/scroll through the file on my phone.)

So, the final word count is: 67,838.

My brief glimpse at the story told me there is still a lot of work to do. One “chapter” was two pages. Some of the chapters appear to just end without much flow into the next chapter. In short, it needs work.

I’m looking forward to edits.

-Keep writing.


I have tried a new technique lately that I think has worked really well for me. When I am finished writing, I stop in the middle of a sentence. Nine times out of then, when I come back to the page where I left off, I pick up that middle of the sentence and keep plugging on. I am really surprised how well it has worked for me. I never really had a problem picking up where I left off, but for me this makes it way way easier.

Someone in my blog roll post about this. I really wish I could remember who. Credit where credit is due and all that. Although a Google search turned up Hemingway as a proponent of this method, so maybe he started it. Hey, it’s good enough for Hemingway, I could do worse.

So, if you find you have a hard time getting started maybe give this a try. It works for me, it may work for you. Or not. Everyone has their own groove they get into. Just try it for a few days and if you don’t like it, move on.

The important thing is that you’re writing. All else is secondary.

-Keep writing.

The End

I wrapped up the first Dragon Lords novel tonight. It was interesting typing those words in the document today. The End. Those words sound so final. Truly, it is just the beginning.

The story has merit, but I have no doubt it could use a round or two (or four) of edits. I need some distance first. Everything is fresh and great and awesome right now. Later I will take a sledgehammer to the story.

What’s next you ask?

Working on two fronts:

1) Word count goals are going into my dwarven epic. I don’t even know what I will write yet, I just know I want to write some kind of epic dwarven story. We’ll see how it works out.

2) Edits on my story I want to submit to On the Premises for their Myth and Legend contest. I need to cut that story in half. Submission is due Sept 30th, so I have plenty of time to work that one out.

Keep writing.

Progress Report

Still chugging away at that ending. Taking me longer than expected, though not for lack of effort. So close.

For the next project, I am leaning toward a dwarven epic. Because dwarves are awesome. And there aren’t nearly enough stories about them.

Tomorrow I will pass up the 75k mark on the word count-o-meter.

Keep writing.