Look at me writing

Nothing of huge substance to note here. Writing away as fast as I can. I am happy to say I am consistently meeting my goals (or if I miss a goal, I usually make it up within a day or two). Really feel like I’m making some progress.

I received an email for the contest run by On the Premises. I thought man, that is perfect! I just finished a story that would fit wonderfully with their theme of Myth and Legend. Then I read a bit further down… hmmmm 1-5K words. That may be a stretch. I think my story finished around 7k. No problem though! Tighten the prose and I can squeeze in under that target.

Then I open the document. 10,267 words. Twice the word count I needed. Granted, it is a rough draft. I haven’t edited it at all. I see some notes to myself in the document. Given all that, cutting it in half will be rough.

I am still going to work on it. That was my plan anyway. Just don’t know that the story will be suitable for OTP.

Author: Joshua

Joshua is a writer of SFF, leaning more to the fantasy side of the genre. Travel the road with me as I tell the stories.

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