As mentioned, I am half way through my goal for the year. Yes, it is nearly August. I should be back on track by the end of August with my missing words caught back up. But hey, 70K is a pretty decent word count.


Yesterday Cherie Priest linked her blog onto G+. This post in particular.

And I thought wow, I’m not doing too bad.

Cherie mentioned her word count at a total of 48k for 2011 (Later the same day she announced she passed the 50K mark).

The last time I updated my word meter I was at 58K. As of today, I am at 69K and will be surpassing the 70K mark by the time I finish my writing for today.

Obviously the only comparison I can make here is straight numbers. She probably has time set aside for editing and other writing related business to take care of. She is much farther along in her career. She has a career.

Discipline has kept me on the path. Continuously going back to my writing day after day, in spite of the day job, no matter how tired I am after playing with the kids. Or those days where I’m only motivated to kick back with some Dragon Age. I keep working at it and I am making progress, even if it doesn’t seem that way.

Keep writing.

Updated Goals

I have been working really hard to get back on track for my yearly goal. I have regularly been increasing my output. So, to that end, I am upping my weekday goal to 800/day and my weekend goal to 300/day. If I can make those numbers, I’ll be back on track by the end of August. If I’m not totally wiped by then, that may just become the new permanent goal. We’ll see.

As always, keep writing.

Look at me writing

Nothing of huge substance to note here. Writing away as fast as I can. I am happy to say I am consistently meeting my goals (or if I miss a goal, I usually make it up within a day or two). Really feel like I’m making some progress.

I received an email for the contest run by On the Premises. I thought man, that is perfect! I just finished a story that would fit wonderfully with their theme of Myth and Legend. Then I read a bit further down… hmmmm 1-5K words. That may be a stretch. I think my story finished around 7k. No problem though! Tighten the prose and I can squeeze in under that target.

Then I open the document. 10,267 words. Twice the word count I needed. Granted, it is a rough draft. I haven’t edited it at all. I see some notes to myself in the document. Given all that, cutting it in half will be rough.

I am still going to work on it. That was my plan anyway. Just don’t know that the story will be suitable for OTP.