Life, as it has a habit of doing, keeps on going.

My goals have for the most part been met. Well, at least the writing part of it. Haven’t made much time for the guitar lately. On top of meeting my goals, I am about half way caught up on the month I missed. So overall, it is going well.

We’re still enjoy Rift. Of course, we aren’t those people that have rushed to level 50 in the first week. That’s your choice and all, but don’t wonder why there is nothing to do if you have finished the game that quickly. It’s not like EverQuest where it would take you years to reach the end game. Not that I want that either. I am happy with the pacing.

Dragon Age II came out of course, but it will be a while before I jump into that.

Currently reading Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. It is a great book. Just huge. Up next is Wise Man’s Fear. Then I think Brave New World or 1984.