The Dwarves by Markus Heitz

Please Note: I started this blog post in March 2010. Not sure why I never finished it. Collecting my thoughts at this point will be tough.

So on Friday I finished reading The Dwarves by Markus Heitz. Let me first start by saying that I love dwarves. I can’t say why and I’m not really wanting to look into the psychology of it right now. In most games where I can play a dwarf, it’s my first choice. Books that have dwarves as anything more than a goofy sidekick are rare. So when I saw this one at B&N I had to pick it up.

I almost stopped reading at the prologue. It really wasn’t catching me. But, it is a dwarf book so I soldiered on.

Tungdil is a dwarf who has been raised by humans. He doesn’t have any connection to his race aside from what he has read from books. He is living with a magus so he has a good chance to be well read but with little real world experience. The wizard he lives with sends him off to deliver some artifacts to another wizard. He also gives Tungdil news that one of the five dwarven kingdoms sent word that—

Jan 10, 2011

I can’t remember much else about the plot at this point. As previously stated, I enjoy dwarves which was my main reason for picking up this book.

I’m not sure that I would have continued reading this book were it not for the dwarves. It wasn’t a terrible book, but it wasn’t particularly noteworthy either.

Tungdil is a fish out of water in many ways. He is at odds with his human companions who have raised him. He is at odds with his dwarven heritage which he knows little enough about. He must through the course of the book attempt to reclaim his dwarven heritage and find his place in their world while not abandoning his human friends.

This isn’t an overwhelmingly positive view of the book. I enjoyed it, but more for it’s dwarvishness than anything else. If you are hard pressed to find a book revolving around Dwarves that doesn’t have Dragonlance plastered over the cover, check this out.

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