Planning Ahead

I missed last Friday and Saturday for writing. Between work and home, life has been a little crazy.

I have a secret. Well, my wife and I have a secret. My daughter doesn’t read my blog yet does she? Oh the digital age we live in. Anyway, we are taking the kids to the big D this year. Yeah, the place of magic. We will have a blast. It will also be my first time going.

By my calculations, I’ll be short 3600 words then by the end of the vacation. I find it very unlikely that I’ll have time to write anything. So going to adjust my word count for the remainder of January to see if I can be back on track by the time we get back from vacation and can resume a normal schedule then.

If I don’t write on Sundays, I’ll need to add 215 words per day. I have a unfortunate business trip on Wed/Thu of this week. Hopefully that will allow to crank out some words over the goal too. My droid phone will be immensly useful in the coming month. Anyway, that is the plan. I am sure to keep things going here and look for some picks from the Big D soon.

Author: Joshua

Joshua is a writer of SFF, leaning more to the fantasy side of the genre. Travel the road with me as I tell the stories.

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