Goals are key. Millions of people will set resolutions this week. And most of those will have forgotten those resolutions within a month or two. Small daily goals that I can meet and measure will do far more for me than something vague like “Write More”. That doesn’t mean much and nor can I really quantify my success.

When I look back at the last year I really did write a lot. I wrote steadily up until October or so, and the just burnt myself out. “Success” was much harder to quantify, but I think that depends entirely on how you define it. While I wasn’t published, I did write a lot.

So, here are the goals:

Writing, Weekday: 500 words
Writing, Saturday: 200 words
Guitar, Weekday: 30 minutes

That will give me Sunday off to just relax, and not feel guilty about the lack of work. Weekends are always tough anyway with the kids activities and having a good time.

If my calculations are correct that gives 140,400 words. More than enough for a novel or two.

It is never a question for me of what to write. Always a matter of how to get the story where I want it to get. So here is to writing it anyway. I can always edit it later.