The Big D

Well, it wasn’t one of those freak out moments. Maybe those are the minority. The reality that we were going didn’t really set in for them until we were back home. Then they freaked out. Now to get on with packing and everything. I can’t wait, we will have a great time. I am really looking forward to a week away.

Happy birthday kids!

Today is the big reveal. We are doing a joint birthday party and telling them our Disney plans. It will be nice to let the secret out at last.

Hopefully it goes well and they are excited as one would expect. I will try and update this later. In the meantime, have to go pick up the cake and stuff in sub-zero temps. Stay warm.

Writing and Life

They are intertwined right? You won’t have anything interesting to write about if you aren’t living life. That is the common wisdom. And it makes sense. Unfortunately I’m not trying to write The Office or Dilbert, so work generally seems to be an impediment in all this. Except when the mortgage comes around. And we wouldn’t be making the trip to the big D without that nice bonus. As Chuck Wendig pointed out, “Evidently Society Still Requires Money to Procure Goods and Services“. Who would have thought?

I appreciate what Chuck is trying to do there. If you can so easily be dissuaded from writing by a simple post such as that one, then it probably isn’t the path for you. If you’re in it for the glamour you see heaped upon J.K Rowling or Stephanie Meyers, good luck. You’ll have to content yourself with watching Snooki’s book tank. Write for the love of telling a story and who knows, one day you might make a dollar or two doing it.

I started a take on Medusa that I have worked on for a few days. I say the story will probably be a short story, but I know how often that works out for me. The goal is a short story. But I like it. Maybe I’ll have a short story to circulate to the markets again soon. Time will tell.

Keep writing.

Getting your work out there

This is as much for me as it is for you. I was browsing Warren Ellis’ blog feed today (he has an interesting mix of stuff) and he posted a link to the Not .99 Method DIY iBookstore.

If you are considering self publishing your work you should check it out.

Of course, you’ll have to do the marketing yourself, but that is pretty standard if you are working toward self publishing. Anyway, I think it is a cool method and I wanted to have the link around later if I decide to go that route. I also hate that everything is priced at .99. Thanks car makers, putting that car at 9,999 is a huge difference from 10,000. OMG an extra digit, I think my brain is melting…

Of course the drawback to this method is you won’t show up on Amazon or Apple or whomever you want to share the pie with. What’s that you say? You don’t want to share the pie with the corporate machine? I don’t want this to turn in to a “sell out vs wither in anonymity” debate. This is merely one method to consider when you are holding that manuscript you slaved over for months or years of your life.


As for me, life has been life. Writing has been sporadic, much as life. Had some great times with the kids sledding over the weekend. Started reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (a book which makes an excellent argument for ebooks. I won’t take the massive tome from my house, which is making reading slow to say the least. I am enjoying the book, but man it is huge. I can has digital copy with my dead tree version plzkthx.) Getting ready for that trip to the big D.

Feel like some equilibrium will be coming along soon. Though the only time life is going to let up, it will already be too late. So best to make of it what I can.

I feel sorely tempted to count these posts toward overall word count. But that just feels like cheating.

The Dwarves by Markus Heitz

Please Note: I started this blog post in March 2010. Not sure why I never finished it. Collecting my thoughts at this point will be tough.

So on Friday I finished reading The Dwarves by Markus Heitz. Let me first start by saying that I love dwarves. I can’t say why and I’m not really wanting to look into the psychology of it right now. In most games where I can play a dwarf, it’s my first choice. Books that have dwarves as anything more than a goofy sidekick are rare. So when I saw this one at B&N I had to pick it up.

I almost stopped reading at the prologue. It really wasn’t catching me. But, it is a dwarf book so I soldiered on.

Tungdil is a dwarf who has been raised by humans. He doesn’t have any connection to his race aside from what he has read from books. He is living with a magus so he has a good chance to be well read but with little real world experience. The wizard he lives with sends him off to deliver some artifacts to another wizard. He also gives Tungdil news that one of the five dwarven kingdoms sent word that—

Jan 10, 2011

I can’t remember much else about the plot at this point. As previously stated, I enjoy dwarves which was my main reason for picking up this book.

I’m not sure that I would have continued reading this book were it not for the dwarves. It wasn’t a terrible book, but it wasn’t particularly noteworthy either.

Tungdil is a fish out of water in many ways. He is at odds with his human companions who have raised him. He is at odds with his dwarven heritage which he knows little enough about. He must through the course of the book attempt to reclaim his dwarven heritage and find his place in their world while not abandoning his human friends.

This isn’t an overwhelmingly positive view of the book. I enjoyed it, but more for it’s dwarvishness than anything else. If you are hard pressed to find a book revolving around Dwarves that doesn’t have Dragonlance plastered over the cover, check this out.

Planning Ahead

I missed last Friday and Saturday for writing. Between work and home, life has been a little crazy.

I have a secret. Well, my wife and I have a secret. My daughter doesn’t read my blog yet does she? Oh the digital age we live in. Anyway, we are taking the kids to the big D this year. Yeah, the place of magic. We will have a blast. It will also be my first time going.

By my calculations, I’ll be short 3600 words then by the end of the vacation. I find it very unlikely that I’ll have time to write anything. So going to adjust my word count for the remainder of January to see if I can be back on track by the time we get back from vacation and can resume a normal schedule then.

If I don’t write on Sundays, I’ll need to add 215 words per day. I have a unfortunate business trip on Wed/Thu of this week. Hopefully that will allow to crank out some words over the goal too. My droid phone will be immensly useful in the coming month. Anyway, that is the plan. I am sure to keep things going here and look for some picks from the Big D soon.


Our Lego Minotaurus layout.This is our version of Legos Minotaurus. Will let you know how the game goes.