The Anti-NaNoWriMo

As my wife succinctly (and jokingly) pointed out November was the Anti-NaNoWriMo for me. Certainly not as any declaration against NaNoers, I just didn’t write. I took a break and that is OK. Even as I internally wondered if I should ever bother writing again I was plotting stories.

So the break is over and it is time to get back to writing. As we dive into December the busiest month of the year between holidays and birthdays. My wife also picked me up an acoustic guitar for my birthday (dec 12) so I will be carving out some time to learn the instrument. While I may not be spending every waking minute writing, I will be writing something. I’m OK with that too.

(I am really excited to learn the guitar!)

I have some other posts that have been ruminating in the back of my head too. Not directly writing related but certainly underlying themes that drive my stories. Hopefully I can get those up here too.

If you’re still reading, thanks. I hope to have more stuff up soon.