Nov 2

Today, as I am sure has been pounded into your skull, is voting day. Let’s divert your attention for a moment. Because this man said it best.

Each party keeps shoving the rhetoric down our throats, splitting us with minor details or complete BS that has been blown so far out of proportion that you can’t even begin to see where it began.

Now, say for instance that you believe what Carlin says. What the hell can you do about it? Not a whole lot really. Hope you don’t get run over by the train is about it.

I’m not a political pundit. I don’t have any answers. But there is a reason that both of the main stories I am working on right now deal with the illusion of freedom.

And yes, I voted. Not that I think it will matter. At least I got a dollar off my coffee.




Halloween was fun. The kids had a blast. My son dressed as Darth Vader, my daughter as a Witch (not the cute type). They were doing everything on their own this year. Which was a lot more relaxing for us. It’s great now that they don’t need help managing stairs and such. In our neighborhood, stairs are the rule, not the exception. Darth Vader was exhausted by the end of the trip.

For me, I am happy that Halloween movies are mostly done. I dislike them entirely because I am so easily able to be sucked into them and believe it. Then I spend the next few hours looking over my shoulder.

Roasted pumpkin seeds last night. Tried a new recipe of salt and parmesean on them. So we will see if they have the family approval tonight. I will try to get up some photos of the carved pumpkins. I like the way they turned out.

NaNoWriMo starts today. I’m happy it works for some people. Time being finite, I don’t participate. I don’t like the idea of just pointlessly churning out a deluge of words just for the sake of doing it. But like I said, it works for some people, so good for them.

Writing didn’t happen this weekend. Good week last wekk though, and planning to crank out more words this week.