Great Monday

Yes, they do exist. It is not a myth. I had a great Monday.

With my business unit being sold, I had a floating holiday I -had- to use before the close. It was a shame, using that time. But we do what we must.

With the kids safely off to school, my wife and I first headed to Dor-Stop for breakfast. Yes, of Diners, Drives and Dives, fame. Afterwards, we headed over to Cannon Coffee in Brookline. They are an awesome local coffee shop. We spent three hours there, my wife crocheting while I wrote.

Cliche as it may be, it was very productive writing time for me. Cranked out about 2k words in that time. Of course, it is easy to say it would be awesome to be able to sit around and write all the time while still safely getting paid a regular check twice a month. It’s nice to dream though.

Well, time to get back to writing and make the dream a reality.


A friend on FB pointed me to this post on Procrastination. It really is a great post. I enjoyed the entire blog though. Definitely take a look. Seems like some interesting posts.

Time then to not let the Future Me have control. The whole concept of being publishes seems like such a far off goal. A day or two here or there spent playing a video game or watching a show doesn’t seem like it will impact the long term goal that much. Except that goal keeps getting moved back inch by inch. On my death bed will I look around and say that was a great game of Halo or will I say I told that story that needed to be told?