Weekend Recap

Pretty good weekend. For those of you playing the home game, this is how it went down.

Saturday morning saw us at the soccer fields again. Tori really seems to be enjoying herself. She definitely has some innate talent. Not sure how into it Alex is, but at the very least he has fun with his new friends.

Saturday afternoon saw us over at our friend Jeff and Melanie’s house for a gaming session. It has probably been around seven years since Jenn and I did any tabletop gaming. Jeff ran a Savage Worlds in a pirate setting. We had a really good time! The kids were really well behaved and played with a small fraction of Jeff’s lego collection.

Jenn worked Sunday morning for Enrico Biscotti. Tori spent Saturday night with Grandma so that left Alex and I with some quality time. We busted through a few levels of Lego Star Wars on the Wii and followed that up with a game of chess.

Spent the afternoon/evening with the whole family together mostly getting some laundry done and watching How To Train Your Dragon. I think Jenn and I like that movie more than the kids.

Time now to squeeze in some work on the novel before I crash and have to start this work thing over again.