Forgot to mention…

If you’re a writer, take a look at David Farland’s Writer’s Groups. It is a new forum that has started up based around setting up the people on Farland’s “Daily Kick” emails. You can join one or more groups to get feedback on your writing.

If you’re not getting his daily kick emails, get signed up! He regularly distributes a wealth of writerly knowledge. For free!

Getting things moving again

Well, here we are, registered domain name and all. A little more professional looking than blogspot/blogger, yet only the things I really need on a site right now. I don’t need a shopping cart or 10,000 email addresses that a domain host would offer. Just me and my wordpress blog.

I have kept writing through all this time. Certainly not as much as it was before the new job, but that is to be expected. The new job is going well, by the by. Mortgage still getting paid and all that happy stuff.

I brought over the word meter. Mostly so I could have the code there. I haven’t made much time to keep track of my number of words. Quickoffice has betrayed me and made opening files on my droid a real pita. I have found another solution, but have a huge section of notebook filled with my poor handwriting instead. I pity whatever distant relative stumbles upon these notebooks and tries to decipher them after I’m gone.

So with the snazzy new site and domain time, it then falls to me to make a commitment to actually updating this blog rather than letting it stew.  Don’t be surprised if I throw up the random movie or video game review to help fill the space. I certainly spend enough time playing games to facilitate a review or two. I think my first review will be a comparison of  Dragon Age: Origins vs Mass Effect.