A post to rule all posts

Or maybe not. Later I will have to find a good post to fit this title. I was going to write a post. Instead I am going to write fiction. Last I heard, no one is paying me for blog posts. Not that anyone is paying yet for the other writing, but that is more likely.

Info Dump

This was largely an unproductive weekend for writing. I only have myself to blame for that.

Saturday was great. Spent the morning at the kids first soccer game. They are on different teams and the first game was against each other. My daughter got a wicked grin on her face as she saw that her brother was goalie before she scored the last goal of the game on him. Though he didn’t care, he was just having fun playing. Was a great game and they were really having fun.

Saturday afternoon saw us at the waterfront and the PGH Irish Fest. I could not believe the number of people drinking miller lite. Really? At the Irish fest? Why were they even selling it? Anyway. We went to see Gaelic Storm. They were awesome again as usual. Wish we could have stayed for the later show. Tori had a great time seeing all the Irish breed dogs. Then she got to see the girls from Shovlin dance school. She is starting there tomorrow and was pretty excited to see them.

Reading a book right now, and it’s just not that great. I’m not feeling any compelling need to finish it. And I wonder how something like this got published. You read some stuff like Rothfuss and you are blown away by it. Other stuff you read and it’s not super amazing writing but highly entertaining and you are pulled along anyway. Then that third category and you are just kind of “huh?”. Seems that way with a lot of stuff though. Television, movies, music.

Publishing climate being what it is now, the chances seem smaller than ever. Thankfully there is the internet to get things moved along. There is still that desire to have a printed and bound copy in my hands.

Of course, I should have probably worked on my own fiction instead of this blog post.

My Much Abused Blog

There you are blog, sitting there all patiently, waiting for me to update you.

Has been a bit of an adjustment getting back into work, learning new processes and how they do their work at this company. Ariba is really a great company to work for, I am glad I’m in there. Just need to get up to speed on things. That covers the insurance and mortgage side of things.

Obviously writing has taken a bit of a dip. Where I was hitting 1k a day easy, now I am closer to the 300-500 range. I am sure that will pick back up in time. Of course, school is still looming in the background somewhere too. So much to do, so little time. But that is life isn’t it? No one here 30 hours in a day right? Or did I miss the memo on that one?

This is in fact probably the first time I have even picked up my laptop in over a month. I’ve hardly used it since we got our droid phones. I can easily update my writing from my phone (not an ideal situation, but it works on the go). Otherwise, just haven’t felt much of a need to use this bulky device. If there was some kind of dock that I could plug my droid into and have it go to a normal size monitor and keyboard, I would do away with the computer all together. You hear that droid people? Let’s make it happen. Banish my computer to the depths of some recycling bin, please.

And that is that. Have some writing to do before I head off to bed tonight.