1339 Words

1339 Words. If you count the paper I finished writing for school earlier, that puts me closer to 2300 words for the day.

Fiction was a little chunk of background thought process, but mostly the start of the next day in the series SF story I’m working on. Guess I’ll need to get some kind of title for it so I’m not so vague.
Day 1 of keeping track. Good start. Little accountability is a good thing. Feel free to post a WTF where’s the words post if you see me skip a day. The goal is 1k a day.
Been reading Chuck Wendig lately over at Terrible Minds. It’s a good blog, a lot of writing stuff there. A lot of butt kicking goes on there, which is what prompted me to start actually keeping track rather than just saying I’m going to write “lots”. If you’re into PnP gaming or writing, or like a little twisted humor, check him out.
Also signed up with Dropbox for all my backup online storage needs. You get 2 gig free. I’m happy with it so far, plenty to back up my writing. Check it out if you need something like that. I also have the ipod app so I can sync it there too.

Author: Joshua

Joshua is a writer of SFF, leaning more to the fantasy side of the genre. Travel the road with me as I tell the stories.

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