Busy Busy

Busy weekend.

My son’s 4th birthday party was this weekend. He and his friends had a great time at E2 Toy to Try. And He got a ton of legos, so we had a good time building some of those when we got home. His grandmother got him Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter, which is really cool. Had fun putting that together for him.

Sunday we got a new dryer, so finally getting caught back up on some laundry.

Didn’t read anything or write this weekend. Played a little Warhammer Online and Left 4 Dead. Man that game was brtual. Anyone ahve suggesttions for a good co-op game for my wife and I to play? She’s not much into shooters, but any other suggestions would be welcome.

Need to rectify the lack of writing, but school has been keeping me so busy I haven’t been feeling it. Once the kids have gone up to bed, it’s been either homework or just chilling with a video game.

Musically, enjoying Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D. and Nirvana – Live at Reading. The Nirvana disk is pretty much every great song they have. I highly recommend it. The End is great too. Only song I can say I don’t like on that is Party All The Time (which gets a “well duh” from me). Also snagged the Halo 3 soundtrack, which I’m assuming will be great to write to once I get back to that.