Organized – Mostly

OK. My three notebooks are now an array of brightly colored coded post-it notes.

Orange for Novel related items.
Neon Green for not needed items.
Pink for short story items.

Kinda dissapointed I didn’t end up using the blue post-its too.

So, a bit of typing and I can be back on track. I found the missing novel parts that I was looking for the other day. I really thought I had already typed that stuff up, but apparently not. Fortunately, it is all in one notebook. That’s good because once I get it down to just this one notebook, that’s all I’m working on until I’m done. (well, except for the occasional short story that pops up here and there.)

If you’re interested, Flogging Molly makes for awesome organizational music. Or maybe it’s just awesome music.

Now to get some typing done before Alex gets up from his nap.

Author: Joshua

Joshua is a writer of SFF, leaning more to the fantasy side of the genre. Travel the road with me as I tell the stories.

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