I did a flash over at Liberty Hall last Friday. Response was descent, considering I didn’t have time to finish the story and just kind of dropped it off in front of the door. Literally and figuratively. Oddly, having a dog in the story has gotten a good response. So I was working on that, but now it’s time to watch Castle, one of the few shows I make it a point to watch. (The other being Dollhouse, and now maybe The Mentalist.)

But until this post had been working on some more of that story, and listening to Floyd. By and far my favorite writing music. Anyway. the story is a Pittsburgh where a virus has broken out and the people left there are trapped within the city. So that’s you know, coming along.

This is very random… kind of all over. Lot going on right now. Too much cleaning to be done around here. Never done.

Two More to Edit

That leaves me with two other stories to edit and send out. One a fantasy, the other a modern magic/mysticism story. One, the modern story, is my bingo story that I submitted to Shimmer sometime last year. They liked it, but pointed out some things that need a change. I’m finally getting around to that. I agreed with their assessment, I just wasn’t sure how I wanted to change the ending. So I left it sit for a while. I think I have that ending now, just need to execute. They are accepting submissions again, so maybe I’ll shoot it back to them and see what they think.

The other story was one I’d written for a game world and had been accepted until the magazine folded. I’ve edited it and made it truly my own. So, I’m excited to get that one out too. It ties in to my novel(s).

So that’s you know, coming along.

One story out the door – tomorrow

I just need to do another read through tomorrow (when I’m hopefully less tired) and I’ll send this one off to a contest. I’m hopefully. I like the story. We’ll see how it goes.

Naming the Unnamed

I used to have such an easy time figuring out a name for characters. Now, more often, I sit there and stare and stare and stare at it, trying to figure out what to use. I think part of it us I’m over thinking it. at the same time, I know there are some word combos I repeat a lot. Since I’ve noticed I do that, I try to avoid it. Maybe try too much.